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Monday, 15 August 2016

Benifit of facebook in blog marketing

As you seen about blogger marketing ,so there is no need of telling you about blogger.
If I am talking about blogger benefit then you already known some like AdSense ,affiliate and bla bla........
As Seo play a good role but marketing is also must to improve your blog presense, as it works more because every blooger is try to make good seo

Let me tell you some more benefit of blogging..

 You will learn

To write you have to read. There is a very distinct direct bonus from this activity. You will learn …a lot!

Visibility – People will hear about you

People discover information online today, so if you want to be a discovered and become a visible expert then blogging and social media will provide you with the visibility. 

 Become a champion researcher

You will also find the best ways to obtain information as you hunt down information and resources for your blog. 

Also -Going to start a new blog
Your creativity will increase

Nothing like a focused passion to improve your creativity.You will find that your brain will think more 

Let me tell you how Facebook will help you in blog marketing..
Here are 6 benefits of using Facebook Advertising

Enhanced audience targeting

Facebook advertising provides you the opportunity to really hone in on your audience.

Facebook insights

Your Facebook insights allows you to understand how people are engaging with your page as well as your ads. Metrics you can track include: page performance metrics, engagement metrics, audience demographic, impressions, reach, and so much more

Sharing the Social Media Love –it can seem slow and hard when you are first building a community on any platform, so I say that there is no harm in using a few friends to build your community and share the social media love. A great way to do this is to establish a Blogging or Social Media Group on Facebook, where you can keep in touch with like-minded Bloggers.

Facebook page -
Your Facebook page shows your brand value . As better is your Facebook post much likes you get. Facebook page is like by interested peoples and when you share a link on it you get more traffic.

this method of Facebook page sharing is best for promote your blog. You can offer some giveaway to your users when they complete some specific task.

Business Networking – this one is easy and probably one of the biggest uses of Groups I have seen.  You may need to be selective as to which ones you belong to as it may become overwhelming, but they can be valuable for sharing with others, finding new clients, getting ideas and providing advice or inspiration.


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